Bladder Cancer – When To Call a Doctor

If you have been diagnosed with bladder cancer, be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions about calling when you have problems, new symptoms, or symptoms that get worse.

Call your doctor if you:

* Have blood in your urine.
* Feel pain when you urinate.
* Are urinating small amounts frequently.
* Have back or flank pain.

Watchful Waiting

If you are concerned about your symptoms or you are concerned about your risk for bladder cancer, make an appointment with your doctor. Watchful waiting is not appropriate if you have symptoms that do not go away.
Who To See

Health professionals who can evaluate your symptoms and your risk for bladder cancer include:

* General practitioners.
* Family medicine doctors.
* Nurse practitioners.
* Physician assistants.
* Internists.
* Urologists.

Doctors who can manage your cancer treatment include:

* Urologists.
* Medical oncologists.
* Radiation oncologists.


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