Bladder Cancer – Prevention

Bladder cancer cannot be prevented, but you may be able to reduce some of your risk factors for developing it.

* Cigarette smokers are much more likely to develop bladder cancer than nonsmokers. For help on how to quit smoking, see the topic Quitting Smoking.
* Avoid exposure to industrial chemicals, such as benzene substances and arylamines. Occupational exposure from working with dyes, rubbers, textiles, paints, leathers, and chemicals increases the risk of developing bladder cancer.
* Avoid exposure to arsenic. Have your drinking water tested, and/or drink bottled water if you think that your water is contaminated with arsenic.
* Eat a healthy diet. Experts believe that what you eat and drink may help prevent bladder cancer.
o Eat a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. For more information, see the topic Weight Management.
o Avoid dehydration. Increase your fluid intake, particularly water. Water dilutes cancer-causing chemicals.


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