Living & Managing

Learning how to cope after hearing “you’ve got colorectal cancer” is half the battle. Here you’ll find information to help you deal with everything from stress and fatigue to living with a colostomy.
Living and Coping
Coping With Colon Cancer

A colorectal cancer diagnosis may be frightening, but there are ways to cope with stress and fear so that cancer doesn’t rule your life. Learn how here.
How to Get the Best Colon Cancer Care

Learn how to be a proactive patient to get the best colorectal cancer treatment.
Exercise for People With Colon Cancer

New research shows that regular exercise can prevent recurrences of colorectal cancer and help patients live longer.
Colostomy Care

Learn how to manage your colostomy so it doesn’t interfere with your normal activities.
Caring for an Ileostomy Pouch

After colon cancer surgery, some people require an ileostomy, which connects the end of the small intestine to the skin of the abdomen. Learn what you need to know to care for an ileostomy.
Colon Cancer: Help for Family and Friends

When someone is diagnosed with colorectal cancer, many people are affected. Here are tips to help family and friends cope with a loved one’s diagnosis.


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