Breast Cancer: Living & Managing

Coping with breast cancer can be draining and stressful. Get facts and tips on managing and living with breast cancer during treatment and beyond.
Living and Coping
Managing Cancer Fatigue

Fatigue is common with cancer and cancer treatment. Learn how to handle cancer fatigue.
Breast Reconstruction Surgery

After mastectomy, doctors can sculpt a new breast. The choice to get breast reconstruction surgery is the patient’s personal choice. Read about the decision in these articles.
Nutrition and Exercise During Breast Cancer Treatment

What should you eat during breast cancer treatment? Can you work out if you feel like it? Read about it and check with your doctors because every person is different.
Eating Right During Cancer Treatment

Cancer may cut your appetite. But good nutrition is always important. Learn more about healthy eating during cancer treatment. This article isn’t specific to breast cancer.
Making Sense of New Breast Cancer Research

If you’ve got breast cancer now or have had it in the past, you may wonder how new breast cancer findings affect you. Learn four key questions to ask about new breast cancer research.
Marriage, Dating, and Breast Cancer

This article covers questions about relationships and breast cancer. This article is mainly about heterosexual women.
Friend or Relative with Breast Cancer?

Do you have a friend or relative with breast cancer? Here are tips for supporting her.
Guy’s Guide to Breast Cancer

This article is for men who are supporting a friend, daughter, girlfriend, or spouse with breast cancer.
Breast Cancer Clothing: Bras, Scarves, Accessories, and More

WebMD helps women with breast cancer find the right clothes to wear while dealing with its side effects. Find advice on bras, head scarves, comfortable tops, and even breast cancer awareness bracelets and ribbons.
Living After Breast Cancer Treatment Ends

Done with breast cancer treatment? You may be ready to create a “new normal” for life. Read about that here.
Coping with the Fear of Breast Cancer Recurrence

Done with breast cancer treatment? You may be ready to create a “new normal” for life. Read about that here.


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