Treatment & Care

Diabetes treatment is an absolute must for diabetes patients. Find out what’s needed for diabetes care.



People with type 1 diabetes aren’t the only ones who use insulin. Learn how insulin is used to treat various forms of diabetes.

What prescription drugs can you take to control diabetes?

Find out how diabetes in pregnancy is managed.

This video explores use of insulin pumps in young children with diabetes.

Learn about supplements and herbal medicines for diabetes

Information about islet cell and pancreas transplants to treat diabetes.

Is your type 1 diabetes under control?


Use these seven steps from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for lifelong diabetes management.

Assess your health status and how well your type 2 diabetes is under control.

Assess your health status and how well your type 1 diabetes is under control.

Your diabetes health care team starts with you. Find out who else is on the squad.

Learn why it’s so important for diabetes patients to take care of their feet.

This WebMD feature explores the next wave of glucose monitors.

Find out how to get back on track in coping with diabetes. You’ll exit WebMD to reach this web site.


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