Symptoms & Types

Can you recognize the many common — and uncommon — symptoms of asthma? Without a good understanding of the different asthma symptoms and the various types of asthma, it’s difficult to treat this condition with medications and breathe easier. Learn more and prevent asthma attacks.


Do you have to wheeze in order to have asthma? Not at all! Discover the specific signs and symptoms of asthma. Find out how early treatment can help you manage asthma symptoms and live an active life.

Do you know the early warning signs of an asthma attack? Read more about asthma attack symptoms so you can prevent an emergency.

Sometimes asthma symptoms include sighing, fatigue, and rapid breathing, not coughing or wheezing. Learn more about unusual asthma symptoms so you know when to use treatment.

Are your symptoms asthma or potentially another lung condition? Take the WebMD Lung Health Check.


Do you know about the different  types of asthma? Learn about these types so you can seek effective treatment when you do have a breathing problem.

Do allergies make you cough, wheeze, and sneeze? Read more about allergic asthma, so you can prevent these symptoms.

Exercise-induced asthma can make physical activity difficult, even frightening. Find out about pretreatment with exercise-induced asthma, and learn how you can be active again.

Do you suffer from frequent coughs? You may have asthma. Read about cough-variant asthma and how it is treated.

Is your asthma work-related? Learn about asthma in the workplace and how to prevent an asthma attack.

Does asthma keep you awake at night? Discover the signs and symptoms, prevention, and treatment of nocturnal asthma so you can get quality sleep.

Are you sure it’s asthma? Asthma mimics, including cardiac asthma and vocal cord dysfunction, may have similar symptoms but are treated differently. Learn more.


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