Overview & Facts

Understanding diabetes is the first step to managing it. Get information on diabetes causes, risk factors, warning signs, and prevention tips.

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is the most common disorder of the endocrine (hormone) system.


Diabetes occurs when the body cannot regulate blood sugars. Are the causes for type 1 and type 2 diabetes different? Find out.


Are You at Risk?

A family history and age increases the risk for type 2 diabetes. Read what other risk you have; you may be surprised to find that there are some risk factors for type 2 diabetes that you can change.


Learn about risk factors for diabetes in pregnancy.



Type 1 diabetes can’t be prevented, but type 2 diabetes has modifiable risk factors which can help you lower your risk for the disease. Find out how.


Did you know that despite having the risks for developing diabetes, some steps can help in preventing type 2 diabetes?  Get information on type 2 diabetes prevention from the National Institutes of Health. This link will take you to their web site.


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