Day to Day Living

Self-managing asthma day to day is important to breathe well, stay active, and keep asthma symptoms at bay. Discover the role diet and exercise play in controlling asthma symptoms, and learn how stress and anxiety may trigger an asthma attack.


While there’s no asthma diet, there are specific guidelines for eating well with asthma. Discover the special dietary tips you must know if you have this breathing problem.


Is asthma preventing you from exercising? It doesn’t have to! Discover which forms of exercise are best for people with asthma and how to control asthma while exercising.


Looking for some asthma help? Living with asthma isn’t easy, but there are ways to decrease your stress and find support. Read more.

Does daily stress trigger your asthma? Stress is a common asthma trigger, causing you to feel anxious and short of breath. Learn how to manage stress so you can reduce your asthma symptoms.

Smoke is a powerful trigger of asthma symptoms. Even secondhand smoke is associated with an increase in bronchitis, sinusitis, and asthma. Read more and protect your lungs from further irritation and inflammation.


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