Treatment & Care

Treating high blood pressure can take a multi-pronged approach including diet changes, medication, and exercise. Learn about hypertension treatment options here.


Treatment for hypertension comes in many forms — from lifestyle changes to medication. Learn more from this overview about how to lower blood pressure here.

Did you know that people who smoke are more likely to develop hypertension and heart disease? Learn more and get tips on quitting — and avoiding a relapse.

You don’t need to hike miles or work up a daily sweat to lower blood pressure with exercise. Discover how easy it is to get started with these exercise tips.

See how your eating choices and the DASH diet can help you lower blood pressure.

Left unmanaged, stress can lead to emotional, psychological, and even physical problems, including coronary artery disease and high blood pressure. Get tips on the warning signs of dangerous stress and learn how to reduce it, while boosting a positive outlook.

Learn about different medications used to treat Hypertension here.

Runaway hypertension plagued 37-year-old Annette Lawrence. Then she became the first person to test an implant to control high blood pressure, an implant that now helps her live a normal, active life. Find out more.

There are many types of complementary and alternative treatments believed to be effective for treating hypertension. Get the facts on your options.

High blood pressure treatment isn’t limited to drugs. Find out why natural blood pressure treatments such as meditation can have a significant effect.

Owning a pet can ward off depression, lower blood pressure, and boost immunity. Is pet therapy right for you?


The most important element in managing high blood pressure is follow-up care. Here are six tips to keep in mind about follow-up care.

Monitoring your own blood pressure is a good way to keep on top of hypertension. Get tips on how to prepare, and step-by-step instructions for taking your own blood pressure readings.

If your doctor has prescribed medication to lower your blood pressure, here are twelve things to keep in mind about your treatment protocol.


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