Home Remedies

Discover more about home remedies and ADHD to control ADHD symptoms, including alternative therapies. Learn all about diet and ADHD, how to curtail stress and anxiety, and some helpful tips for parenting a child with ADHD.

Home Remedies

Alternative Treatments

Find out which alternative treatments for ADHD really work — and which ones don’t work at all.

Vitamins and Supplements

Looking for natural remedies for ADHD? Learn which vitamins and supplements improve ADHD symptoms — and which don’t.


ADHD Diets

Discover which foods and natural dietary supplements can help those with ADHD to feel their best.


Anxiety, Stress, and ADHD

Not only do ADHD symptoms cause stress, but some ADHD medications may also increase feelings of anxiety. Learn what you can do to better cope with anxiety and stress.

Parenting a Child with ADHD

Learn how rules, routines, and consistent discipline at home can help the ADHD child become more organized and self-disciplined.

In the Classroom: Tips for Parents

Having a hard time getting your ADHD child ready for school?  Discover some simple parenting tips to minimize chaos on school days.

Marriage and Romantic Relationships

Learn how ADHD can negatively affect a marriage or romantic relationship. Discover positive strategies that can ease ADHD-related relationship issues.

In the Workplace

ADHD can make it difficult to keep a job. Learn ways to cope, including the importance of ADHD treatment to help maintain focus and productivity.


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