How to Cure ADHD Naturally

As a parent of 5 children I can assure every single one of you that ADHD is not a mere genetic disorder. It absolutely deals with the environment, diet, and discipline of a child. 

Unfortunately, unknowing parents often turn to drugs such as Ritalin to psychotropically sustain their child rather than making simple natural changes to cure their child’s ADHD.

I’m hoping in this article that I can help any parent with a child suffering from ADHD to naturally heal and cure their child without any drugs.

  • When I see children loaded with preservative laden pre-packaged foods filled with salts, sugars, and MSG’s it makes me cringe. It makes me cringe worse when the child is fed a constant stream of sugar from soft drinks, kool-aid, sugary cake snacks, and candy.The first step is to throw out anything that says “just add water & sugar”. This would include things like boxed macaroni and cheese dinners. Any processed foods and foods with MSG’s (monosodiumglutimate). Get rid of it all.Good snacks are fruits. Apples, bananas, oranges.Good meals are made at home. Nothing heat and serve. Things made from scratch are the best. This is where a parent/caretaker must have more discipline. Cooking is difficult but WELL WORTH THE EFFORT. It will taste better, be more wholesome, is cheaper, and most importantly, you know what your child is eating!
  • Limit the television and video games. Stick to it! I think 30 minutes a day sounds very reasonable. Do NOT allow televisions, computers, or video games to baby sit your children. Buy them a good football, bicycle etc. Children need to get their energy out and build muscle for development!
  • Do not allow your child to scream or be wild in the house. Meet ALL wild behaviour with disciple. Make them stand in the corner. Only in will full defiance would I suggest spanking. (Such as you tell them to stand in the corner and they shout “NO!” to you). Always make them mind and be very consistent with discipline. They will love you for it as well, as you will give them boundaries as a person. This is part of parenting that is one of the hardest things you have to do.
  • Setup specific routine schedules at home.

    For instance
    Get Home from school.
    Play time until 5:30
    Home Work 5:30
    Dinner 6:30
    Bath/Shower after dinner.
    Read or some other calming activity.
    Bedtime ? 9:30

    Children need schedules so that they will not run wild. They need structure in their lives at home, and they must know their boundaries. Using schedules and discipline are some of the most loving things a parent can do for their child. It helps shape & mold them for the world.

    By using these techniques, I’ve seen many people (that I personally know) cure their child’s ADHD. One little girl was about to go on Ritalin, the mother took this advice and within two weeks she was a calm happy child.

    I hope this works for you!

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